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I’ve been in education since 2009, when I started teaching developmental reading. I’ve taught English Language Arts in each of grades 6-12 in some capacity, usually via a workshop model. I have experience with every ability level from remedial readers and writers up to college-bound honors students. I believe each and every child deserves an enthusiastic and encouraging teacher with them daily. I believe it’s my job to hold all students to high standards, but also to meet them where they are socially and academically. Every child has different needs and a unique story that needs to be acknowledged, writing is an important tool for teaching kids how to access that part of themselves and eventually, to share it. I take great pride in every student I call my own, and hope to give each of them the confidence to enter the world and the skills to work to improve it.

I have a Bachelor’s in English and a Master’s in Educational Administration from Missouri State University in Springfield. My master’s thesis focused on how student selected independent reading impacted their self-reported enjoyment of school. Currently, I recently finished my interdisciplinary Ph.D. in Educational Leadership, Policy, & Foundations at the University of Missouri – Kansas City. My dissertation is titled, “A Narrative Inquiry on the Conceptualization & Cultivation of Relational Trust Between Secondary Teachers and Administrators” and used narrative inquiry, visual ethnography, and descriptive stats to build profiles of participant teachers and explore themes in their stories of interactions with their principals.

Aside from teaching full time in the Lee’s Summit School District, I work as a teacher consultant for the Greater Kansas City Writing Project based at the University of Central Missouri.

Views and opinions presented here are my own.


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