Three Digital Response Genres

Below I will share 3 different modes of digital response to the same text and prompt. After reading King of Kings County by Whitney Tyrell. I first wrote this response:

When I was reading King of Kings County, by Whitney Tyrell, I had three significant revelations about the writing, the history, and the story. Each of these questions came up during my reading and stayed with me through out the book. In any book I read, it’s always the questions that endure.

  1. This is the first book I’ve read set in Kansas City. Having grown up in the Metro, it was strange for me to see it fictionalized. I kept wondering, is this how people in New York, Chicago, and LA feel when they read about their cities? I wonder what an “outsider” would read differently from this book.
  2. How would someone older than me read this book; someone who actually lived in downtown Kansas City during the era of White Flight?
  3. How did Tyrell decided which pieces of Kansas City history to fictionalize, embellish, or alter to give his story power? I wonder, what did he favor while he was writing?

If you read King of Kings County, What were your big three questions?

Here are the three ways I turned my own text into a digital product using Animoto, Cinch, and Youtube. The only tool I used was my smart phone (an iPhone 4).





3 thoughts on “Three Digital Response Genres

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