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    • Missouri House members have approved legislation that would allow advertising on school buses to help districts cover transportation costs.

    • Districts would be required to spend half the income from the ads for transportation costs.
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    • Nixon probably will sign legislation that will allow the state Board of Education to intercede in the running of the distric
    • “Academic performance is influenced by many factors besides good teachers and good facilities. Parental involvement, home environment, crime and poverty have enormous influence. These factors are beyond the jurisdiction of the schools.”
    • when Kansas City’s 26-year desegregation case ended in 2003, the schools were more racially imbalanced than when the case was filed.
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    • Instead of eliminating job protection for teachers, senators voted 17-15 to set up a task force to study teacher salaries and effectiveness.
    • Lobbyist Woody Cozad, who works on education issues for Sinquefield, was listening to the Senate debate from a nearby Senate office on Tuesday.

      “The problem with tenure is that is has nothing to do with whether you’re doing a good job,” Cozad said.

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    • Rep. Jay Barnes, R-Jefferson City, has filed a bill requiring department to contract with its testing company to look for cases where school staff may have changed answers, given students questions in advance, or improperly coached students during the test.
    • According to the department, it would cost $45,000 to look for abnormal erasure marks on answer sheets, as well as statistically improbable test score gains, for grades 3-8.
    • “If there was broad-based cheating, our schools would be much more close to meeting the proficiency targets than they are,” he told legislators.
    • According to the education department, the fiscal impact would be $263,020. In addition to the $45,000 to analyze K-8 tests, the cost includes analyzing end-of-course high school exams as well as investigating potential fraud.
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    • Leaders of a national education reform movement, including Joel I. Klein and Michelle Rhee, the former schools chancellors in New York and Washington, have formed a statewide political group in New York with an eye toward being a counterweight to the powerful teachers’ union in the 2013 mayoral election.
    • The group, called StudentsFirstNY, is an arm of a national advocacy organization that Ms. Rhee founded in 2010. Like the national group, the state branch will promote the expansion of charter schools and the firing of ineffective schoolteachers, while opposing tenure.
    • Mr. Klein, now a News Corporation executive;
    • “If these 1-percenters want to mount an AstroTurf campaign with their deep pockets, they’ve done this before,” he said. “But let’s be clear: the public school parents have not bought into the Bloomberg education reform movement.”
    • In 2015, mayoral control of schools will come up for renewal in Albany, reviving questions about checks and balances and parents’ ability to influence school policy.
    • “Folks are genuinely looking for opportunities to make peace and not war,” Mr. Canada said. “And I think that’s terrific. But someone has to make war.”
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    • The bill in question — SB2302 — says that “notwithstanding any law to the contrary,” the state Department of Education shall issue a teacher’s license to anyone who has taught at a certified college or university full time for two years or part time for four years.
    • Sen. Douglas Henry, D-Nashville, who said the bill is “kind of scary.”
    • The bill was drafted and is promoted by StudentsFirst, an education reform advocacy group founded by Michelle Rhee, former Washington, D.C., school superintendent and ex-wife of state Education Commissioner Kevin Huffman.
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    • Anyone teaching in a college could be automatically eligible to teach in high schools, according to a bill passed by the Tennessee state Senate Monday.
    • Democratic state Sen. Andy Berke acknowledged that the bill emphasizes content knowledge, but noted that it ignores the need for teacher training and practice in classroom management.
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    • Marketers find an eager host in the state’s school districts, which are scrounging for funds to bolster baseline budgets.
    • ads in parent newsletters, plastering signs on campus vehicles and booking commercials on video scoreboards
    • questions emerge about the commercialization of public education and the effort’s real beneficiaries
    • At least a dozen North Texas school districts, including Dallas and Irving, have painted buses with images of dentists and banks. Carrollton-Farmers Branch ISD has placed real estate and haunted house ads in its two weekly e-newsletters. Allen ISD has enticed corporate sponsors with a $35,000 annual package for its new stadium. And Irving ISD just announced the first Texas partnership with a firm that brokers ad deals with Fortune 500 companies.
    • “There’s a place for it when it can be done tastefully, especially in the context of a sporting venue. It’s not like we’re bringing in Hooters.”
    • “It’s a case of ideology trumping pragmatism,” said board member Mike Morath, who has pushed the sale of naming rights on district facilities. “People have in their minds that education should be pure and devoid of mercantilism in American society. It’s not rational.”
    • “It wasn’t worth the constant hassle,”
    • People are used to seeing ads in athletic events but a lot of this other stuff starts to make my stomach hurt,
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    • “I’m here for the long haul.”
    • The board opted not to conduct another national search to replace former Superintendent John Covington
    • The district needs stability
    • The district has until June 2014 to regain accreditation or face state takeover
    • “this is a district on an upward climb.”

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