ASCD Annual Conference 2010

This is Part II of my Interview with Dr. Sandra Wegner.

Sandra’s Advice for Conference Goers at ASCD 2010

Dr. Wegner had a few simple pieces of advice to pass on. Add your own in the comments section.

1. “Don’t miss the big speakers at the keynote”

There will be a lot of great speakers this weekend in Texas. Some people you won’t want to miss include:

2. “Don’t miss the exhibition center”

This area of the conference will contain vendors from every specialty in education, publishers, and organization representatives. It is a unique opportunity to meet new sources of information and even some authors at given times. Block off some time to wander around the hall and mingle.

3. “Meet with the people in your state in the exhibition hall”

Sandra says this is a “must-do” for conference attendees. Meeting and networking with folks in your state allows for relationship-building and information sharing. If you’re a Twitter user, be sure to find people you know online and meet them face-to-face at one of the official Tweetups.

4. “Try to go to some of the parties for various states, regions to network and meet people, look in the book for the receptions. Walk in and meet people.

One thing I gathered from speaking with Dr. Wegner was that people are at the heart of the organization and this conference. There are many opportunities to share experiences and hear stories about educators around the globe. Be social and open to meeting lots of new people.

Other Frequently Asked Questions about the ASCD Annual Conference can be found HERE.

Make sure you know where to get discounted food as well! Flash your badge for food!

One thought on “ASCD Annual Conference 2010

  1. The motto at my office for ASCD is “All gurus, all the time with Tweetdeck running so you know where to hop to if things hit a lull.”

    Will you be in San Francisco this year?

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